Dark Web Scanning

Dark Web Scanning

Firstly, what is the Dark Web? It’s a subset of the internet that isn’t directly accessible by conventional means i.e. Searching for it on Google!

If you don’t use it then why should you care?

Great question! The sad truth is that without policing and oversight it offers criminals a platform to engage in illegal activity, one of them being the ability to sell digital information that has been stolen and one of the most sought after information is peoples logon credentials to common websites

Sadly we are hearing about more and more breaches of data which means your logon credentials for these compromised sites could be available for sale without you even knowing, imagine if your company logon details for your finance software was leaked, online shopping details or your email credentials, what kind of damage would that do to you as an individual or to your company?

What can you do about it?

Good password practices can help mitigate a lot of the risk but for true protection then there is real-time scanning of the Dark Web for whenever your details are made available you can take proactive action resetting a compromised password before a malicious attacker can use them.

At PinPoint Networks we can provide real-time scanning on your whole Domain or specific email addresses as well as offer advice on good password practices and other security advice to keep you safe. To find out more just hit the contact us page and fill out the form where one of our team will get in touch to discuss.

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