Managed IT Services

When we first engage with prospective clients the first thing we get asked is why we should move to a Managed Service model, and it’s a great question!

Typically, they will be coming from one of three different starting positions:

·         We muddle through and work out how to get things done ourselves or ask a family friend/relative who’s ‘pretty good with computers’

·         We just call our current IT Support company when something breaks, or save up a bunch of issues and get them resolved in one hit

·         We have an IT team already

These are perfectly valid starting positions but how many times do you hear these comments:

The computer is now running slow and I get this strange message pop-up


Buying a new computer will fix the issue


The IT Support person can’t come until next Friday so I can’t do any work until then


We’re still waiting for the IT Team to fix the computer


We’re still waiting for the IT Team to finish the application upgrade project

When your team can’t work efficiently it can cause frustration and distress when tense project deadlines are looming and the pressure is on your team to deliver to your clients, we have seen resignations because of IT failures!

As well as frustrations for your team there is an exposure to a wide number of security risks including data leaks or being locked out of your data by Ransomware to name but two, a reactive support service may be able to recover from these position but at what cost to productivity, lost sales and not forgetting reputational damage

As a Managed Service company we have access to a number of specialist tools that take time, money and expertise to develop that just aren’t practical for SMB’s to setup and operate themselves.

We install software that allows us to remotely monitor and manage your servers and computers alerting us to small issues and fix them before they turn into bigger issues, think about a small leak in a pipe and how its much easier and less disruptive to fix before the pipe bursts and floods the building, that’s how we treat your IT systems, fix the small issues quickly before they develop into something serious. The best thing about a good Managed Service is that a lot of the fixes will happen without you realising, meaning your team can concentrate on driving your business.

Have an IT Team already? Not a problem, imagine how much they would benefit from a trusted partner who can take care of the proactive time-consuming work, allowing them to deliver those value adding projects that have been stacking up.

Take a look at our video, and if you would like to know more then hit our Contact Us page and we’ll love to arrange a chat to discuss your business needs from you IT Systems

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