Microsoft Helps You Cheat

One of the biggest challenges around O365 is educating end users about products that continually change as well as understanding which product is used for which task beyond the obvious Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Microsoft have acknowledged this and upped their game in providing education materials including written documents, infographics and videos, but its not always obvious to many end users or even the IT team where these resources can be found and its certainly not intuitive to seek the answers from Microsoft when you have a question as Microsoft don’t seem to actively advertise they are there.

One of our favourite resources are the Cheat Sheets, a simple couple of pages explaining to the users what the buttons do on a product in a clear and concise way which make it a great resource to leave with the user to remind them how it works as well as introduce them to new features they may have missed.

MS Teams is often the product that confuses people the most especially as its evolving rapidly to include more and more features, so the Cheat Sheet is a great resource for people and usually one we promote a lot to new O365 users, and even ones who have been using it for a while, it takes just a few minutes to read but provides a powerful boost in terms of productivity and increases the return on investment you make on the O365 platform.

These resources can be found via the O365 Admin portal or by going to


There are resources for many of the O365 product suite with a mix of Windows, Mac and Web App versions making it easy for people to increase their O365 knowledge in ways appropriate to the individual.