Speed Up Your Home Internet – Cheat Sheet

When the UK entered Lockdown 1.0 businesses had to quickly adapt to get their staff working from home, there was a surge in Laptop sales and collaboration software was quickly adopted like Teams and Zoom. It was a steep learning curve for people as we adapted, but adapt we did. Many problems were easy to fix by purchasing new hardware or accessories like headphones and webcams, companies have even offered staff desk and chairs to make the experience more manageable.

With Lockdown 2.0 here one problem that is still ongoing for many home workers is the speed or reliability of their internet connection. A video call to a client that keeps dropping isn’t very professional and collaborating with the team over a traditional phone call is very restrictive.

Domestic Broadband isn’t an easy one for a Tech support person to fix as there are so many variables and remote troubleshooting can be difficult as every setup is unique and ultimately broadband providers offer very little service guarantees on a domestic connection and the cost of rolling out business grade connections to every team member is often prohibitive.

But help is at hand… There are a number of steps you can take to improve your situation and we’ve put these into one of our Tech Cheat Sheets, to get it click on the button below and fill out the form and the Team will send over a copy to help everyone get the most out of their connection.

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