5 Ways to Spot Fake Emails Cheat Sheet

The media will tell you that Cyber Criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated in their attacks, this isn’t the whole truth. The more sophisticated attacks are targeting high profile targets with a specific aim in mind such as infiltrating government agencies and stealing from rich corporations.

The bigger problem being faced by the typical person is around the volume of consistent attacks, which if you know how to spot can be easily avoided, unfortunately you only need to let your guard down once to become a victim and this is what the attackers are hoping for.

To help you we have produced a Cheat Sheet with pointers on what to look out for in fake emails which is the most common way attackers target you. The Cheat Sheets are great to hang in your office or post on your Team page to ensure both you and your team stay safe.

To get your copy click on the button below and complete the form to receive it straight away.

If you are concerned about Cyber Security and don’t know where to start then why not book a 15-minute call with us so we can get you started on your journey to be Cyber Secure.

Take Care
The PinPoint Team

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