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Unlimited Support

Other IT Management services typically work by you calling up when something breaks and waiting ages to get a response. This is not the PinPoint way. We believe on a proactive client-centric approach, whereby we don’t just fight fires, we stop them before they start. We monitor your system to try and reduce the incidence of difficulties so that you don’t lose time or patience on your IT systems. And we put our money where our mouth is, if in the unlikely event, we don’t meet agreed service level agreements you will be compensated.


Our comprehensive Unlimited Support bundles tie together many of our core services, acting as your own personal IT department. If you’re a small growing business, without the resources for a dedicated IT professional, or perhaps you already have one or two, we have a team of experts whose expertise can compliment your existing setup.


You can call us as much as you like (in fact, we encourage it – why wait until the list of issues is “enough” to call up): our service is truly unlimited. With a 24/7 support team that is always at hand you can ensure that your IT is managed.

Set Cost per Person per Month

What’s included in our unlimited support?

We have three tiers to choose from:

  • Essentials
  • Plus
  • Complete

Please see below for a full breakdown of what is included in each tier.


covers you across all major operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS) for all your issues. This doesn’t just include remote support, we also offer onsite support to assist with hardware issues, servers, firewalls etc.


To maximise your returns on your technology investments. This means ensuring your systems are set up in the most efficient way and also that your staff know how to use them to their full advantage through online training. You will have access to our Digital Training database, a collection of videos that take you through everything from common IT issues to correct posture to mental health and to leadership skills. All presented in accessible step by step video walkthroughs. This also includes access to our client portal where your staff can log support requests quickly and easily without any loss of productivity.


Means your business’s vulnerabilities are protected from external threats. As standard we make sure that our antivirus software is installed across all your desktops and devices, as well as web protection so you get alerted of any dodgy or malicious web pages you may visit. By far the number one flaw in a company’s security is it’s own staff. We make sure that your staff are well versed in the best security practices and we even run simulated phishing attacks to test for areas of improvement. We can also monitor the dark web for any compromised passwords or data leaks, and much more.


Support ensures that you’re always up and running and any downtime or issues are minimised. We constantly monitor your networks performance and will alert you to any issues before they arise.


Is all about providing you with constant access to your data. There’s nothing worse than losing access to your cloud storage due to technical glitches – entire days can be wasted here. We will ensure physical backups of your data are stored either on or offsite so that your day can continue uninterrupted.


Support includes a whole host of services, the types of service you expect from an entire IT department such as: the writing of documentation and knowledge base articles on repeat/common requests to save your staff time. If there’s a particular software you use and your staff persistently struggle with a task, we can make sure there’s information in place that they can refer to. We also provide you with a monthly report of our activities, support requests, and whether our guaranteed service level agreements were met. We also hold regular Technical Business Reviews, this is where we will assess your IT strategy against your business objectives and make suggestions on how to align this with your technology roadmap.


Doesn’t just include antivirus, remote assistance and network monitoring software but also our password management tools. Through this we can grade your users passwords to spot vulnerabilities such a repeated or common passwords. It can also be used to share password vaults between departments so everyone can access the tools they need to in a secure way. With our complete package, we’ll also provide you with Microsoft 365 Business Premium licences as standard. Check out the full list below! If you’d like Unlimited Support for your business, talk to one of our advisors who will walk you through the best tier for your needs.

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