Our Services

We offer a range of different services from a fully managed IT Service to bolstering your internal IT by managing certain elements or covering out of hours support calls.


We install a client on your Windows/Mac Laptops and Desktops or Windows Servers.

Help Desk

Our team on the Help desk will take your call or email and will attempt to fix your problem.

Managed Services

This is our personal favourite, as well as combining our NOC and Service Desk we effectively act as your IT Manager.


Technology has shifted from traditional Laptops and Desktops to more Mobile Devices, these offer a great opportunity to work flexibly but also introduce security vulnerabilities

Projects & Consultancy

We can assist you with your technical project, we'll discuss with you what you are trying to achieve and design a solution to fit.

Identity Protection

Cyber breaches are becoming more and more common and unfortunately the details stored on a compromised company (such as logon details) are stolen and sold via the Dark Web

SOC (Security Operations Centre)

Like our NOC we have a team of trained and accredited Cyber Security experts, each secured device with the security software installed

To find out more about about our services and how they can help you then click the Contact Us button below to be taken to a form where we’ll ask you a couple of questions