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Cyber Security

Cybercrime is not disappearing, in fact, it is becoming more insidious, more cunning, and more prevalent. A Government survey in 2020, found that almost half of businesses had reported security breaches or cyber-attacks within the previous 12 months. It is becoming more important than ever that you need to protect your data, your customers, your profit and your reputation by ensuring your business is defended.

How we keep businesses protected

We value a holistic, comprehensive approach to your security. We begin the process by auditing your current security systems, permissions, accounts, passwords and much more. Afterwards, we’ll get to work by tackling each of the core areas to ensure that your business is up to the most rigorous standards. And it doesn’t end there. Security is an ongoing process, we’ll be constantly monitoring your system for any alerts and threats to your security, we run simulated cyber attacks to check for vulnerabilities in your network. With PinPoint Networks you can be sure that your business will be given the best protection possible.


We begin with the basics, by reviewing your security permissions. Issues consistently arise with users having access to things that they don’t need access to. We’ll start the process by asking does everyone need the permission levels they currently have? Does the external marketing consultant need access to your financial accounts? Probably not.

With so many files in your business, the process can be quite daunting for many. We audit your company files to ensure access is only permitted to those who need access. After, we will establish an approvals process whereby users are directed to their primary IT contact to request access, and we will monitor to make sure permissions are being set correctly.

In addition to this, we will also establish a leaver and joiners process making sure that the correct permissions are set up or removed to ensure the integrity of your data. Thereby making the whole process convenient as well as secure.

Systems / Microsoft 365

The default setup of systems is rarely the safest. Straightaway we’ll get to work through the creation of best practice procedures such as multifactor authentication, reviewing setup and settings to ensure that you are given the best protection.

Protecting your networks requires a comprehensive approach to prevent all possible hazards. We take a number of actions, such as tracking user logins, installation of physical hardware in your office to protect your networks from external threats, as well as regular backups to reduce complications around ransomware attacks, and much more.

This is available as a standalone service or as part of our support subscription. The added benefit of our support subscription is that we will continuously monitor your network from our Operations Centre where we will be alerted to any potential threats to your company’s security.

One common example of a cyber attack we look out for is a malicious user gaining access to your system and begin forwarding emails until they come across sensitive information e.g. payment info. Once they have gained this information you may be exposed without any awareness. For more information check out our Hacker’s Toolkit series where we run through common pitfalls and what to be aware of.


What are your endpoints? They’re the physical devices at the “end” of your networks – think desktops, laptops, mobile phones. These are common weaknesses in a business’s data security. Lose your phone at the bus stop? Left the company laptop in a coffee shop with all your customer’s data, bank passwords and sales information? That’s no longer an issue as we’ll make sure that each and every vulnerable endpoint is encrypted. This encryption, teamed up with our antivirus software will mean that you can rest easing knowing that your devices are protected. We’ll make sure that these devices are protected by a firewall as well.

As an additional extra, we can use an enhanced firewall, which will act as a VPN tunnel, meaning no matter where you are working from, even over public WiFi you can work with peace of mind.


By far the weakest link in any company’s cybersecurity is its own staff. You can protect your systems as much as you like but your staff will always be your largest vulnerability. For example, an employee receives a convincing phishing email and within a few clicks they may have innocently handed over all the information necessary to enable a hacker to invade your network.

We run Digital Training sessions LINK to get your staff up to speed with the latest security training so they can spot a dodgy email a mile off. And we don’t stop there. We run simulated attacks to identify areas of improvement and which staff may need more training. These training sessions are available either online or face to face, whichever you prefer.

Passwords are another area of weakness amongst your staff. We will set up a password vault allowing us to monitor your staff’s passwords for critical vulnerabilities, such as weak passwords or repeat use of the same passwords. This is done anonymously through a scoring system and we will not have access to the actual passwords. Our password vault also allows us to monitor the dark web for any potential breaches to your passwords, and alert you to these breaches.


All of the above are available either as individual one-off service or as part of a recurring subscription package whereby we will ensure your continued security. As part of the ongoing subscription, your security will be monitored by a team of cybersecurity professionals who will be on the lookout for any worrying alerts or concerning patterns within your network. If you want to give your business the best protection possible from risks and threats, schedule a call with one of our advisors today.

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