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Technology has become an integral part of life and work, and we believe that all businesses, both large and small, deserve to have great solutions and support for their people. As a business owner or IT manager there is nothing worse than your team not being able to work because of a technical problem or limitation.

Our approach to supporting your business and your people isn't with traditional break/fix support, we believe in becoming a partner who proactively monitors your IT environment and performs regular unobtrusive maintenance tasks that keep everything running optimally and preventing most traditional breaks before they occur

We spend a lot of our time behind the scene servicing your IT environment preventing things breaking or running slowly, this approach is done remotely meaning less interruption to you and your team and no precious desk space required in your offices for an IT presence. We do like to regularly visit and interact with our partners, but we want these times to be more about how you can use technology to drive your business, and we can only do this by delivering proactive support

Want to know more or have something we can help with? Why not grab a 15 minutes call with us?

Our Services

We offer a range of different services from a fully managed IT Service to bolstering your internal IT by managing certain elements or covering out of hours support calls.

Remote & Onsite Support

Managed Desktops

Managed Servers

Projects & Consultancy

Cyber Security

Technology Advisor

Our Way

It all starts with a discussion around what you are looking for, we couple this with an audit of your current environment and put a solution together for you to review.

We primarily cover West Sussex, Hampshire and London but with our flexible and remote support solutions we can cover you in any location. It all starts with a 15 minute chat.

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