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Technology has become an integral part of life and work, and we believe that all businesses, both large and small, deserve to have great solutions and IT support for their people. As a business owner or IT manager there is nothing worse than your team not being able to work because of a technical problem or limitation.

Our approach to supporting your business and your people isn't with traditional break/fix support, we believe in becoming a partner who proactively monitors your IT environment and performs regular unobtrusive maintenance tasks that keep everything running optimally and preventing most traditional breaks before they occur

We're not just an IT Support company based in Chichester, we spend a lot of our time behind the scene servicing your IT environment preventing things breaking or running slowly, this approach is done remotely meaning less interruption to you and your team and no precious desk space required in your offices for an IT presence. We do like to regularly visit and interact with our partners, but we want these times to be more about how you can use technology to drive your business, and we can only do this by delivering proactive support

Want to know more or have something we can help with? Why not grab a 15 minutes call with us?​ See below a follow up email to one of our clients after their call

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The Collective South Coast
The Collective South Coast
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Vince has been an invaluable support to us this week. He calmly, quickly and efficiently helped us out of an email nightmare and we can't thank him enough. When you're a small business, trying to be an 'expert' at everything, it's good to know that there are companies out there like PinPoint Networks who can provide the assistance you need without over complicating things or trying to convince you to invest in more tech than you actually want or need. Our experience with Vince has left us feeling hugely grateful and as our business grows and our networking requirements expand and become more complicated Pinpoint Networks will be the company we go to. Thank you Vince. Abby and Helen, Co-Founders, The Collective
Bruce Carter
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Understands my needs and able to deliver with the right tools.
POWER Fitness Events
POWER Fitness Events
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I approached Vince at Pin-point Networks for help with some webcam and laptop lagging issues I’ve been experiencing. He was able to answer everything I needed to know quickly, efficiently and with assured knowledge. The remote meeting was followed up with a detailed summary of what was required for which I am super grateful - so helpful. Thank you Vince. Highly recommend for efficient, friendly and honest service.

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