How to Avoid Other Apps Disturbing Your Teams Video Call

How to Avoid Other Apps Disturbing Your Teams Video Call

Imagine this scenario: You’re in an important video meeting with a client, confidently sharing updates on your latest project. Suddenly, a notification appears on your screen from your partner, not-so-subtly reminding you about the mess your child made earlier in the day. Or even worse, a message from your gym pointing out your prolonged absence.


It can be quite embarrassing, right?


We’ve all experienced the challenge of staying professional during video calls while secretly dreading intrusive pop-ups that could steal the spotlight. But fear not, Microsoft is addressing this issue. They’re reportedly developing a much-needed feature that could rescue us from these cringe-worthy moments.


Just imagine having the ability to hide specific apps completely while you’re on a Teams call. No more fretting about disruptive notifications stealing your focus. This means you can bid farewell to awkward interruptions from messaging apps or reminders that you’d prefer to keep confidential.


How does it work? Microsoft’s upcoming feature will not just minimize apps to the taskbar like the current method. Instead, it will hide them completely, preventing any surprises or embarrassing moments.


This feature isn’t just about appearances; it can also enhance your device’s performance by freeing up computing power and resources. Say goodbye to closing apps and browser windows to ensure a smooth video stream – this new feature could end that struggle. Focus on your calls without worrying about technical issues or distractions.


While we can’t wait for this feature, it’s best to wait for its official release for the best experience. If you need help improving your business’s video calls with this feature or any other aspect, then let’s chat.


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