Struggling with Too Many Passwords? Here’s the Solution

Why use a password manager

Struggling with Too Many Passwords? Here's the Solution

Are you tired of managing numerous password? You’re not alone.


A recent report shows that 3 in 4 people feel the same way. It’s not just the quantity of passwords causing problems, but also the security risks they present. Let’s be honest, most individuals are not experts in cyber security when it comes to creating passwords.


From using weak and easily guessable passwords to the mistake of reusing them across multiple accounts, human error is unavoidable.


Research indicates that, on average, people use one password for five different accounts. The common use of passwords like ‘123456’ on a staggering 23 million compromised accounts is alarming. Cyber criminals are adept at cracking passwords without any additional assistance, taking advantage of our lax habits to cause chaos. Additionally, there is a projected global loss of $434 billion (£347 billion) to online payment fraud between 2024 and 2027, with stolen login details accounting for 90% of data breaches.


What’s the solution?


Consider using password managers. These handy tools simplify password management by creating and storing strong, unique passwords for each account. Say goodbye to common passwords like ‘123456’ and hello to robust security.


Password managers not only enhance your online protection but also streamline your digital experience. Enjoy one-click logins and autofill features that will make you wonder how you managed without them. With the right password manager, your sensitive information will be securely locked away in an encrypted vault, giving you peace of mind.


By using a password manager, you can make your life easier and your business safer simultaneously.


But a word of caution, not all password managers are created equal and entrusting one to store all of your important details shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’d like to know which ones we currently recommend, then get in touch.


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