NOC NOC, who’s there?

You’ll often here us talk about our NOC, so what is it?

Our NOC (Network Operations Centre) is the affectionate term we give to our team of techies who perform all the tasks that keep your Servers, Windows desktops and Mac’s working at peak performance.

We install software agents on your systems which report back to our NOC feeding them information about performance and warnings of issues developing. The team sit in an environment that looks a little like a NASA control centre, lots of screens showing technical readouts and alerts for misbehaving machines.

It’s a hive of activity with people remotely connecting to machines fixing issues or developing scripts to automate maintenance routines. Another key feature of the NOC is that Windows and Mac patches are tested in lab environments and only released when they are happy there’s no risk in breaking things, this keeps you protected from the latest vulnerabilities whilst minimising the risk disruption from poorly written patches. Team leaders also make sure that important issues are looked at in a timely manner and on-track to deliver fixes and a first-class service.

Typically, the NOC are the unsung heroes as they won’t normally interact with clients, being technically minded often means that when explaining things it gets lost in translation with techno babble, this is where the Helpdesk and other team members step in and translate things in to every day speech. The NOC are the go-to team for other PinPoint team members when we need a technical answer something or need assistance when delivering a technical task.

So what makes our NOC different to most?

Our NOC is integrated into a shared NOC community meaning our team are embedded into a larger team used and manged by our strategic partners, so whenever we need someone to look at an issue someone will be there and we don’t have to worry about the usual problems faced by a small NOC such as sickness and holidays. Your interaction with PinPoint will be handled by a smaller part of the team allowing us to truly develop a partnership so you feel we are a extension of your team

The biggest benefit our NOC has over others is the ability to attract and retain technical talent that other Managed IT Service and Support companies continually battle with; we benefit from the community pool of talent meaning there is always a number of people who could fix a technical issue

Our NOC are trained and certified in a wide range of technologies including:

  • VMware
  • Citrix
  • Redhat Linux
  • Cisco
  • Microsoft technologies including SQL, Azure, Office365, Server and Desktop technologies.
  • CompTIA A+
  • Certified Ethical Hacking

By utilising our NOC you benefit from being able to rely and call upon a vast pool of talent, setting up an internal IT team with this level of resource would be tremendously costly and usually only available to large enterprises, so you have the benefit of just tapping into it as and when its needed opening up opportunities to businesses of all sizes. We can also work with your existing IT team and shoulder the burden of those hard to manage systems that your existing team aren’t trained or skilled in.

If you think that your business would benefit from our NOC service, then contact us where we will be happy to discuss more.

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