Tech Insider – Why Proactive IT Support is Important

Why Proactive IT Support Is IMportant

Why Proactive IT Support is Important

Every business relies on technology to keep things running, but when something goes wrong, it can be more than frustrating. Whether you’re working on your home computer or in the office, knowing what to do in an emergency is critical. But what if the technology is always breaking? That’s where proactive IT support comes in.


Most people know that IT support is important to businesses. However, they don’t understand how it differs from proactive support. The difference is in the word “proactive.” Proactive IT support considers future potential risks and helps prevent them before they happen. This also includes upgrades, which will ensure compatibility with current needs and future growth.


The first thing to understand about proactive IT support is that it is not a luxury, it’s a necessary investment. At its most basic level, proactively managing your IT means having someone who knows what needs fixing and can fix those things as they arise. However, the benefits of proactive IT management go beyond just saving time and money. The best companies also see an increase in productivity, brand reputation and customer service levels.

What can happen if you don't proactively manage your IT?

If your business runs like a well-oiled machine, it’s important to make sure that the IT infrastructure is a big part of keeping it going. If you neglect the maintenance and upkeep of your IT infrastructure, things can quickly go awry. You’ll lose productivity as people struggle to do their jobs without the tools they need. In addition, this neglect can lead to outages and data loss because technology is never invincible. Much like that well-oiled machine if its not serviced and greased it will soon grind to a halt and result in a costly repair.


Software updates are continually being released by developers to fix bugs and refine performance. When software that is critical for your business isn’t proactively managed, then you can expect that you will have disruptions in functionality or worse yet, security vulnerabilities that will make your company vulnerable to hacking attempts.


In today’s digital age, it is increasingly important to keep your IT systems up-to-date and in good working order. Without this, critical data can be lost or destroyed, and you may find yourself vulnerable to a variety of cyber security breaches. These breaches could lead to a complete shutdown of your company, which could in turn lead to bankruptcy or even criminal prosecution. This is the worst case scenario bit more common results include reputational damage and downtime.

Why do you need a reliable IT service provider?

Before you start your research, ask yourself what are the most important things you want from your IT service provider? Is it reliability, accessibility, can they work with your budget, or is it all three? Regardless of the answer, there are many reasons to partner with a reliable company.


Being a proactive IT support company we at PinPoint provide monitoring and maintenance services that anticipate potential problems before they happen which reduces downtime and helps maintain productivity levels. We use a suite of industry standard tools as well as our own bespoke ones which have been setup, developed and integrated meaning you don’t have to go through the time and expensed of implementing your own.


A good IT service provider will also become an extension of your team, a ready-made IT team that id fully developed and managed acting to fix your issues but also to drive technology in-line with your business goals

What are some of the things that a proactive IT Support company might provide for you?

Some of the services that a typical IT Support company may provide for you are remote computing, data recovery, malware removal, network installation and configuration, operating system installation and recovery. These services are important for businesses because they ensure that your technology is up to date and properly working. Not only does this mean that your technology will be running efficiently, but it also means that you will have peace of mind knowing that you can rely on your IT Support team for help when you need it most.


As well as the technical aspects a proactive IT Support company will be transparent in the service it delivers, giving you access to reports on the service being delivered in as much or as little details as you wish, having procedures in place for when a system failure occurs and even having guaranteed response times for when you or your team need help.

Choose a local IT Service partner

Choosing a local IT Support partner can be the difference between having an enjoyable experience with your technology and feeling overwhelmed by it. On top of this, you can experience long-term benefits like reduced stress and a more secure system.


We are PinPoint Networks are based in Chichester but cover a range of areas including West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and London. We’re particularly keen on partnering with local businesses and fostering longer term relationships. If you wish to know more then hit the Lets Chat button and lets discuss over a 15 minutes video call.

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